We are here to help you move into your perfect home in Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary is such a great city to live, work and play in that it is no wonder thousands of people every year relocate to this beautiful city. Those that are already here are proud to call Calgary home.

Richard Fraser, Claire Fraser & Krista Marsten have years of real estate experience in Calgary and bring the excellent quality of service and knowledge that is required to navigate todays complex real estate market. They would love to begin an experience of care with you today!

Are you looking for a perfect home in Calgary, AB or the suburbs?

Remember, there is more to Calgary than the Suburbs, consider the downtown region of the city, which consists of five neighbourhoods: Eau Claire (including the Festival District), the Downtown West End, the Downtown Commercial Core, Chinatown, and the Downtown East Village (also part of the Rivers District). We can help you at the Fraser Group.