Claire gained early exposure to the world of business through her birth family. As a teen she worked part time in her father’s general insurance office. There she learned time-tested ethics of working until the job is done and maintaining personal integrity at all costs. 

Her post-secondary education included one year of Business College followed by a four-year bachelor’s degree in Education.  Little did she know that she would one day apply her training to educating clients in the making of informed decisions to purchase and sell real estate! 

Claire has been happily married for over 40 years. Raising two sons and one daughter have led her through a variety of personal real estate decisions in response to the changing seasons of family life.  

Summer sun in the BC interior, fishing for salmon on the North Coast, cheering on the Flames in the winter and serving homeless Calgarians all bring out the best in Claire. 

Known for her exceptional skill in client service over her 25+ years in real estate, Claire’s industry has recognized her sales success awarding her the annual Re/Max “Platinum” award for twelve successive years and bestowing upon her a career status of “Hall of Fame” from Re/Max International. 

Her business thrives because of repeat clients and by confident client referrals.  She delights in working with first time buyers and moving with them through their progressive life stages and into the senior years.  Her cross Canada referral network frequently gives her the pleasure of introducing the Alberta housing market to new residents of Calgary and area. 

Claire attributes her success in life and in business to her faith in God who provides and who makes possible her sharing of resources to meet needs of the whole person some who are right here in Canada and others in distant places of the world.