The Fraser Group… guiding you to success 

12 Steps to List and Sell Your Home 

#1. We Listen to you 

  • Preferably through an in-person conversation, we want to hear your goals, your timeline, and your expectations for our service to you.  We view your home with you and listen to the story of your home and its unique features. 

#2. We Inform you of the present Value of your home 

  • We return for a second appointment to present a printed copy of a Comparative Market Analysis showing how your home (in its present condition) compares to similar homes that have sold and that are listed for sale in your community. 

#3. Together we agree on a Price for listing you home 

  • The most crucial factor in the sale of a home is its price point.  All buyers are educated by the market statistics on the Real Estate Board website.  Buyers will have interest in looking at homes which are priced accurately. 

YOUR DECISION – What action would you like to take and what will be your timeline? 

#4. A Listing contract is introduced and signed. 

  • You agree on the List Price and on the preferred dates to both activate the listing and to complete the purchase  
  • We fully disclose Realtor Commissions 
  • We will lead you to determine other conditions for the sale of your home (examples: appliances that are included, window coverings, etc.) 

#5. Homeowner Preparation  

  • Based upon our recommendations and your resources, you will either decide to list your home “as is” or will proceed to ready your home by doing some of the following: declutter, surface touch-ups, repair damage, replace something worn or broken, service electrical or plumbing deficiencies, renovate one or more rooms, exterior clean up.  

#6. Realtor Preparation  

  • Attach a Lock Box to the exterior of your home 
  • Schedule Professional Photographer – prospective buyers gain online exposure to your home.  Excellent photographs will attract interest. 
  • Schedule a professional measuring service to assure accuracy of the listing details 
  • Order a professional Listing Sign 

#7. Activate the Listing 

  • WE activate the listing on the Calgary Real Estate website 

#8. Marketing 

  • In addition to the broad exposure of the Calgary Real Estate website, we will: 

__ Prepare a professional grade colour brochure of your home 

__ Post your listing on our social media 

__ Post your listing on the Fraser Group website 

YOUR DECISIONS – In advance you decide when you will allow your home to be shown.  Selling realtors will make requests (either directly to you on an app, or through your listing realtor).  You accept or decline showings, realizing that every showing could lead to an offer on your home.  

#9. We Provide weekly market activity reports for your home 

  • We will be available for phone consultations concerning market activity 

#10. We Inform you of an offer having been received from a buyer’s realtor 

  • You will receive via email a copy of the offer for your consideration 

YOUR DECISION – We will review the details of the offer with you over the phone and discuss your options for responding to it.  It is usual to either accept the offer as written or to make a counteroffer on the price, the dates of completion and/or the conditions of the sale.  We will negotiate on your behalf to arrive at a Conditional Sale. 

#11. Follow Through to Unconditional Sale 

  • We forward copies of your conditional contract to your legal representative and to other agencies according to your instructions 
  • We update you on the progress of buyer’s condition removals (usual conditions remove in 7 to 14 days) 
  • On your behalf we advise on and negotiate potential issues arising from the buyer’s home inspection of your property 
  • SOLD SIGN goes up! 

#12. Follow Through to Possession 

  • We coordinate requests for a pre-sale walk-through by the buyer 
  •  With your lawyer we coordinate the release of your keys to the new owner after confirmation that your funds have been safely transferred to you 


*** CONGRATULATIONS*** your home is sold!!