My Qualities As An Agent

I am currently in my sixth year as a licensed Realtor following an earlier career in the Oil and Gas industry in Alberta. Over these past five years I have gained experience in a diverse array of Real Estate transactions. My experience includes: Court ordered foreclosure sales, bank sales, handy man specials, down-sizing, first time buyers, Estate sales, quick flips, for sale by owners (fsbos), Government sales through chartered accountants, single family homes, rental properties, acreages, properties with material latent defects, properties that do not comply with city regulations, and re-mediated grow operations.  I am a certified condo specialist and have advanced education and experience in the foreclosure process.  On behalf of my clients and multiple mortgage lenders including HSBC, First National and the five major Canadian Banks, I have researched and presented hundreds of Comparable Market Analysis  (CMA’s).

With my experience in all these areas of Real Estate I have come to realize there are 3 things that sit at the IMGP3673forefront of every transaction:

1) Communication – Real Estate transactions involve many parties.  In an average transaction there will be a Buyer, a Seller, 2 Realtors, realty office conveyancing departments, a mortgage professional, an appraiser for the mortgage company, a property inspector and a Law office.  While facilitating a purchase or sale it is crucial for the Real Estate professional to ensure on their clients’ behalf that every facet is proceeding on time and that all information and required documents are accordingly transmitted.  For this reason I offer my cell number (403)869-7049 openly in my advertizing, social media, and website, so I can be communicated with at all times.  Communication begins before a deal and well after.  I am at any given time in communication with people thinking of selling or planning to buy in Calgary or area, and meeting with past clients to observe their renovations, make suggestions or to just say hello.  It is important to feel that your Realtor is reachable and happily waiting to hear from you.

2) Diligence – In any Real Estate transaction there are many deadlines.  From the start of purchasing or selling a Realtor must act quickly to set up appointments to view properties, organize routes and plan tours.  When the sale or purchase begins, the purchase contract must be signed by all parties in a timely fashion. A deposit cheque is required within 72 hours. Conditions of financing, condo document review and home inspection must all be met on time to secure the sale.  Lawyers need documents and cheques.   The mortgage company requires copies of the contract and client financial information. Client identity checks, property assessments and land title searches must also be managed.  Your Real Estate professional is responsible to act quickly and to be ready to deal with any issues that come up.

3) Honesty – Unfortunately not every transaction goes well.  A purchase or sale will commonly have problems or bumps along the way.  Minor things from late signatures, bounced deposit cheques, an unfavorable home inspection or problems with condominium documents demand prompt action.  In these situations my duty to my client is to get all of the information for the client, guide toward possible solutions and seek recommendations from the lawyer the other agent or other parties involved.  There is no situation where anything but the truth from all parties involved will expedite a transaction.

When considering who you will trust to be your Real Estate professional ensure that their business practices reflect a desire to make your home sale or purchase as smooth as possible.  My happiest clients are often the ones who faced larger problems but through communication, diligence and honesty had everything work out favorably.

Please read some of my client feedback letters.

With a strong Real Estate professional working for you, be assured that any problems will be managed and resolved where there is strong communication, diligence, and honesty.

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